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Rounding Butt On Squats

Hey everybody,

I have never had this problem, so I’m not sure how to appropriately help my friend who does this during squats. Is there a muscular imbalance involved here? Should he work on certain muscles, or just stretch others?

He also has a prety bad unilateral strength imbalance in the arm and shoudler (non-dominant being much weaker than dominant). Any good programs people have used?


I’m not quite sure what you mean by rounding the butt - from what I know of the human body, the butt is usually pretty round. :slight_smile: If it’s tucking underneath of his body so that he loses his arch, it could be hamstring flexibility, glute flexibility, hip flexor flexibility, or a combination of everything. So, I guess my advice is to stretch all of those pretty well…

As for the imbalance thing, best luck I’ve had is to do unilateral work starting with the weaker hand and do whatever weight/reps that hand can handle, then doing the same for the dominant hand. He may lose a little strength in the strong arm at first, but it will help in the long run. There’s some specific programs on this site for that, I think Ian King wrote a few. The search engine should turn them up.


If you mean tucking it under try having him sit on something while holding an unloaded barbell. See if he still tucks it under. If so then this may be a muscle weakness or imbalance, if not then he’s just not squatting correctly. There’s an article by Dave Tate from a year or two ago about box squatting, that may help.

Thanks guys, I appreciate the input!