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Rounding Back

Hey guys, was just wondering how to fix my problem that has been bugging me for a while now…When I start deadlifting heavy…going heavy as in near my max…my back rounds always…HOW do I fix this…is it just because weaker lower back?..I don’t understand…lots of people use really heavy weights, and no back round…and my back eventually rounds…anyone else have this problem?

I don’t know many people who can keep perfect form lifting max weights. If it’s excessive and you are afraid of getting hurt, go lighter.

The only time that I have this problem is when I am going TOO heavy.

Something that helps me maintain strict form is to tilt my head back slightly and look up at the ceiling throughout the lift. Perhaps you need to back off on the weight until you get the form down right.

hope this helps.

I agree with both the above. There will be some break in maximal weights just dont let it be excessive its a constant battle for perfect form aiming to be as close as you can, not that you will reach it in a max effort.

That and yes keep the head high the body follows the head, and push those hips and ass forward the back will follw suit.

Thanks a lot guys. I saw that Benedikt Magnuson…looks like his back rounded when he lifted the 970…haha although obviously it’s a bad comparison (comparing me to benedikt)…I just sometimes see some people’s back round…but MOST of the time…people’s back dont round, and I just goin crazy over this. But thanks.

I say, round your upper back, and you won’t need to round your lower back as much. Its safer to round the upper back. You know, the back was made to flex forward.

The standard Westside GM is with a rounded back.

Anyway, I think most back problems come from rounding the lower back when there are additional compression forces-like rounding the hips under at the bottom.