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Rounded Upper Back on Deadlifts


I just started doing deadlifts. I'm starting light to get my form -like 135. I've found that I can keep my lower back flat but my upper back rounds a little bit. i read that this is ok -what do you think. I've practically given up on barbell rows because my back rounds so much and thats with super light weights. what am I supposed to do lift like no weight. I need help please =any adviceyou can give


What do you mean by super light weights? Don't compare yourself to others, the weights other people use is of no use to you.
Read this:



Do not give up rowing. You will set your whole body up for failure. Your back rounds probably for a couple of reasons
1)very weak posterior (obvious)
2)tightness in the chest. anterior delts and lats from too much chest work and pull downs
3)You have not been shown proper form.

For every horizontal and vertical pushing motion you do, you need to do twice the amount of horizontal pulling work unti things balance out. Remember these things take time. Not weeks but months and years. I have been lifting since I was 13. I am 26 and still trying to improve. Good Luck!


Use less weight.

Seriously, your upper back is either rounding because the weight is too heavy or because you have crappy posture.

Either address the posture issue or lower the weight until you can keep your back straight, you'll be back up to 135 in no time.

Training with bad posture is just asking for an injury.

Check out the neanderthal no more series of articles by Mike Robertson and Eric Cressey.


I agree with this idea, as 135 is pretty light for your upper back not to be able to handle the weight; it's probably tight internal rotators, though it could be tight hamstrings/glutes forcing you into that posture. Can you post a pic of yourself in a relaxed posture and one of your deadlift setup?