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Rounded Upper Back Deadlifting


What is your take on upper rounded back deadlifting. I have moderate kyphosis as it is, and it is typically difficult to keep a straight upper back. During the lift there is no extension, flexion. I remain relatively consistent. I’ve been deadlifting for 18 years, but people typically tell me as I go heavier I round too much. I’ve read quite a bit and most people seem to say it is fine for someone who is not a beginner. Any input appreciated

KK also uses a round upperback. If you can maintain neutral position in the lumbar spine you’re perfectly fine. You look jacked and are pulling some big weights there. As long as you’re not getting yourself all jammed up injury wise with it, then stop listening to the naysayers and continue on.

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Thanks Paul. Appreciate your time and input

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I know Paul answered already, but it made me think of this video

Garrett and his buddy Simon have both pulled 700 (Simon has pulled 725) and Garrett pulls with a fairy rounded back as well. Your deadlift looks great to me honestly, and you looked jacked to the gills as well, just figured I’d mirror what’s already been said

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Bean…thanks for the reply and advice! Found the video helpful as well.