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Rounded Shoulders Help

I’m new. Been lurking for past 6 months. This is the only site I refer to when I have questions or need help. I usually can always find tons of info and I’m grateful for that.

Been working out for almost a year now. Made good some good progress but nowhere near what I’d like to be. My shoulders have always been an issue. For one, I have always had bad posture. Been a sloucher all my life. I was hoping working out would help, but it seems be making it more noticeable. I’m thinking that some rear delt and back exercises might be answer, but should I stop OHP for awhile?

I was wondering if anyone knew of some exercises that helped them with rounded shoulders. I also have one shoulder that cracks and pops when I do military presses. If anyone can sugguest any type of stretching or exercises that might correct these problems I would greatly appreciate it. Once again, I’d like to know someone who had the same problem but somehow fixed it and how they went about it.

thanks, HT

I have had very similar rotoator cuff / shoulder cavity injury in the past in the shoulder region and usually it arises from bad posture, too heavy weights, bad technique, overuse and lots of other things - it still niggles away at me when i do heavy flies or movements that put the pressure on the shoulder joint itself e.g. flies, crossovers.

In the gym try lowering the dumb bell or even bar bell to just a horizontal level with the ground. What i mean is on the down movement of incline dumb bells for example, dont lower them all the way down to your chest just horizontal to the ground and then fully extend back up if that makes sense. Reason - anything below horizontal level will put the strain immediately to your shoulder joint.

It is likey that your injury is a rotator cuff one. Go to your Physio and ask them for a theraband i think its called - green, stretchy and that you can perform shoulder stabilising movements by adducting and abducting your arm.

DO YOU GET PAIN IN THE MORNING WHEN U SLEEP ON YOUR SIDE AND ON THE AFFECTED SHOULDER? This can cause subconciuos and longer recovery time as its aggravating the joint.

http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_repair/pushups_face_pulls_and_shrugs In addition to this hammer your upper back(rhomboid/trap area)on your back days.