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Rounded Shoulder On One Side Only


I have been casually lifting for the past 3-4 years, and never put any size on my chest. Around 6 months ago i started really concentrating on form and noticing problems, the left side of my chest is perfect. The right side of my chest was extremely tight and flat in the centre, on the outside is was so tight it was hurting a lot and my shoulder was a lot bigger. So obviosuly my chest was/is very uneven, i havent worn a t-shirt in about a year!

I began stretching my chest 3-4 times a day about 4 months ago which has now loosened my chest up on the right side a lot but still a bit tight, the pec minor does not look right though and its shaped incorrectly which is the only way i can describe it. When i bench now i still cant stretch my arm on the rigth side fully and squeeze my shoulder blade in (something i didnt know i had to do in the past). My back just seems to tight and it pulls out with when i stretch out?

My posture is much much better after 4 months of effort, i cant deadlift without the right shoulder falling forward making my form bad, when my shoulder is now in the correct position is feels too far back and although its really high.

Should i just continue stretching? I also do 2/1 ratio on back exercises now, but i still feel although this isnt going too well because when i reach for the bad to do rows for example, the right arm rolls forward so i am not achieving proper form to correct it.

Any suggestions on how i can fix this i could really use some help?!


Not an expert, but I know a tight pec minor usually goes with weak scap retractors and internally rotated shoulders. Pretty common among people with poor posture or a desk job.

That doesn’t explain the asymmetry you’re experiencing, and maybe even atrophy on one side. No clue why your delt is taking over. Do you have weakness on that side? I’m guessing that along with the stretching of the pecs, you’ll need to do a lot of work to strengthen the small muscles in your back, but it sounds like you’re going to need to see a good PT.


@james101 Sir, I am having the problem. Can you please suggest some stretching exercises for me. Thank you