Rounded Shoulder Hunch Over

I was wondering if there was a problem related to an underdeveloped back or chest?

Nearly always due to weak back a ton: of pullups, face pulls and rear delt work will fix it.

if you have rounded shoulders then look at your current program and see if your horizontal pushing sets are more than your horizontal pulling sets.

If yes then either balance them out or increase the horizontal pulling to have a few more sets than pushing.

rounded shoulders are also a postural problem if you always lean forward when you sit down then you will probably have bad posture and rounded shoulders.

You don’t have enough back mass/strength for your back muscles to keep your back’s posture correct. Deadlifts, squats, rows, pull-ups, and even shrugs will all help build a large base for your back so that you can improve your posture.

thanks for the help, will get working on more back

Pull ups only aggravated that issue for me…

I’d go with heavy rack-pulls, face pulls and rows, rear delt work only if needed after that … Maybe T-bar rows, too.

Nothing better for upper back and related posture than heavy ass rack pulls coupled with shrugging BACKWARDS on top of each rep (not during the rep and not bending backwards while doing it).