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Rounded Back During Deadlifts

I’ve read the deadlift articles on this site abotu how to correct form and what not but I have one big problem. My problem is my back ROUNDS like a mofo when I deadlift…I think it’s because I guess i lean forward (i have to learn how to lean back?) which I’m guessing makes the weight go infront of me which causes my back to round a lot?..thats my guess…but either way once i get the bar off the ground and all and start goin up the back starts to round HUGEEE…what can i do about this to fix it?! I really rather not injure myself doing it like this. Any help?. Thanks guys.

well #1 is drop the ego and the loads and lift a weight you can do with proper form. and Practice what all those articles say. Fire through the heels etc.

Aside from that you know the weakness now attack it. Your low back is weak. Start hiting GM’s, back extensions, RDL’s, anything putting weight up high that uses the whole core to be balance the load. Etc. On reverse hypers and GHR’s couldnt hurt a bit either.

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Stay healthy and strong,

stop lifting more then you can handle?

You probably have bad hamstring flexibility so working on that will help. If you round too much you can do deadlifts while using big plates or off a rack till you can increase your range of motion. It might also be that you are not pushing your ass out enough and just bending at the waist, it’s hard to say without seeing you do it.