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Rounded Back Deads


Training is time to try and apply what works for you. I been using different cues nearly every set lately just to feel stuff out, especially in my warmup sets.

I like Chris Duffin’s cues in one SuperTraining video he shared of:
Expand the obliques
Draw the ribcage in

I personally put alot of respect and trust in Chris Duffin’s word because he’s the biggest powerlifitng name in my area (we’re both Greater Portland Oregon area), and all the coaches are in some way affiliated with him.

I personally have an issue with my upperback overextending, so rounding forward a little (thoracic flexion) and drawing my ribcage in, and depressing my lats works for me. This is a cue I saw on YouTube from John Paul Cauchi.


Im sorry but i really dont see how thats not what i said within the context. Im sorry if im coming off as a douche young kid but i srsly dont. Maybe im just stupid or sth idk but if you dont have time to deal with this kind of shit then honestly dont. Im trying to figure shit out and none of you needs to deal with it,youre just trying to help. You especially cuz youve been polite and more reaaonable in all ur replies.


Yeah heard of those cues,its what i do,especially the obliques part.


I think that sort of thoraic rounding is whats allowing me to brace so hard in deads rn.


I think what we have here is a case of paralysis by analysis. Wow there are basic cues everyone tends to go by, No one can tell you what is exactly right for you. The truth is you just Gotta do the work and figure it out for yourself. Is there a chance you’ll get injured along the way? Of course. Unfortunately, that is the nature of sport. But you’ll never get anywhere unless you’re Willing to get your own hands dirty and do the work yourself.




Fair enough