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Rougon's Log

I’ve been a long time lurker here and I’m training since like 2-3 years. First as a hobby but now it’s getting more serious. I decided to post this in the beginner forum since my stats as of now are far from impressive.

I screwed my ankle a month ago and I’m doing rehab stuff. I decided to give it all on the upper body while it heals.



Starting stats :
Age : 20
Height : 6’
Weight : 175-180 pounds
%BF : Around 10

With this, you can figure that I’m kinda skinny. I have a goal to bulk slowly to 190-200 during the summer. Bulking in the summer ?! YEP ! I don’t think I’ll hit the beach enough to worry about it anyway, I’m going to be working between 60-85hours/week. It pretty much sums it up.

Lifting stats :
Squat : 295lbs
Bench : 185lbs (horrible !)
Deadlift : 375lbs

Guess what ? I’ve got freakin’ long arms, that explains the deadlift and the bench. I’m in a kind of race with a couple a friends to be the first benching 225. Seems light-weigh to a lot of people here but that’s going to be pretty tough for me ! And I’m a bit behind right now.

That’s about it for now, I’ll update once a week with progress.

Last bench training looked like this … I’m doing repetition stuff for now since I seem to gain pretty fast with it. I can bench double the reps I did before my accident at 135lbs on the bar (160lbs total).

Bench :
10x100 warm-up
8x125 wu
12x135 finisher

Over-head press :

4x8x25lbs added

Bent-over rows :

Close-grip bench :

Cuban-press :

Overall not a bad training session, 8x160 on the bench is a PR for me. Also, I realize that I’m really weak in the shoulders and upper-back.

I do a lot of triceps work because I found that it upped my bench faster than focusing on pecs.

When I miss a lift, it’s not off the chest but halfway through, just before the triceps really kicks in. I figured it was shoulders or something, during the transition from pecs to triceps.

Other than bench, I’ve got grip training sessions twice a week so my deadlift won’t suffer too much from this long break.