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Rough Weekend


Saturday my grandfather passed away. Wasn't totally unexpected as he has had Parkinson's for 7 years and for the past three weeks has been confined to the bed. Was very hard to watch a 6'5" man I thought of as a superhero when I was young dry up to a skeletal 110 lbs before finally going.

Sunday, I was with my family at my grandmothers talking to visitors when someone pulled up asking for help because there had been a bad wreck. Long story short, I pulled 74 yo man out of a truck and did CPR with his stepson until paramedics arrived but it was to late as I am pretty sure that he was dead when I pulled him out of the truck but when we laid him on the ground it caused a gurgling sound that his stepson mistook for him trying to breathe.

Pile all this on with me and my wife trying to have a baby unsuccessfully and here endometriosis diagnosis, the world kind of feels like it is bearing down on me a little.


OK dude I am going to just put this out there.

Me, you, cigarette butts, stars. We are all just billion year old carbon, we are carbon and we do not die, we just stop knowing we are carbon.

We merely cease to have consciousness and live on forever. We are part of a living, ever changing infinity.

The universe is so infinite, this thread on this forum has happened infinite times before in other places, that is how infinite we are.

So somewhere, you are still a kid and your grandad is still busy loving you and being your universe.

I always feel unafraid of death or even sad at my loved family members passing away when I listen to Hawk, N.D Tyson etc.

If we are infinitely occurring in infinite galaxies in the exact same order as we are now we never die, your grandad lives and your connection with him is immortal.

If that did not help, I am sending my love to you and recommend realizing you have a wife who loves you, you are a confident, vibrant man who tries to help strangers and is in touch with his feelings enough to write this thread.

How about you change the title of this thread to jbpick; how to win at being a person.


Sorry to hear about all that...there is no better or easier way on Earth for Personal and Spiritual growth such as
the difficult times you're in at the moment.


Rough times are hard, I've had my share too as I think most of us have.

The only advice I can give is spend time with your family, particularly with the loss of your grandfather and the difficulties your wife is having. Remember that what you did for the man in the wreck was not only all you (or anyone) could have done but apparently more than anyone else did. For him you tried and his step-son will always remember you as the man who did his best for his father and will think well of you for it.

I hope things look up for you soon. Do your best to stay strong.


Hope things get better man. I know things can really suck at times. Just hang in there.


My thoughts are with you man. I remember my dad telling me to remember my grandfather as he was before he got sick. That's what I've always done. I hope you can keep your chin up about the baby as well. Miracles happen everyday.


Prayer and/or going out to get shithoused with a couple of good friends can sometimes do wonders.


And ''AsaAkira'' that ''infinite'' theory is from Joe Rogan's latest podcast paraphrasing Neal DeGrasse Tyson LOL.
I'm not sure I'm on board that Earth's history HERE has happened an ''Infinite'' number of times OUT THERE in the cosmos
down to the smallest detail out there...Similar other ''Earths'' with similar histories maybe, but ''infinte''
carbon copies of what's happened HERE, happened OUT THERE way more than a Million Quintillion times?
Ehhhhhhh IDK about that one.


Actually, it is from the hawk TV show. Rogan clearly stole that bit. Guess He is becoming like the mind of mencia.


Adopting a healthy kid is better than having your own biological kid with a defect. Just trying to help you stay optimistic


Yeah, we actually talked about adoption but aren't ready to quit trying yet. The doctor supposedly burned off as many spots as he could when he did his scope to diagnose and told me that he felt pretty good about our chances for the next 6 months. We will just have to see. He actually said that pregnancy is the best treatment for endometriosis so here's hoping.

I am in much better spirits today. Yesterday I was having a "poor me" day and just needed to vocalize so I went with internet strangers ha. Thank you all very much for the prayers and the sympathies. They are very appreciated.


Mine helped the most right. I mean you don't have to tell the others but I am clearly right.

Also was the black spiderman venom? What was the bad red spiderman called?


Great post!


Black Spiderman was actually just Spiderman with the symbiote attached to him. Peter Parker got rid of the symbiote suit and it attached to Eddie Brock who became Venom. I think the bad red one you are referring to is probably Carnage.



I am not a typical paleo fag, but this does have some merit if you are trying to get pregnant. I'm sure the dude is selling a book or something, but there is lots of free info there and money spent on a book may not be too bad compared to some other options out there.


I hope it works out for you man. My Grandpa was diagnosed with Parkinson's a couple of months ago so I'm working on remembering him as he was.


Hold onto that memory. My Grandpa fought it for 7 years. The first four it wasn't that bad, but these last three it started affecting his mind. He still recognized everyone and all that but he would see some horrible things, and some humorous. People living in the couch, snakes coming out of the wall, water rising in the house, people trying to steal his things, it got really bad. By the end it had totally taken his ability to move. Death in a lot of ways was a blessing for him. I saw him the two days before he died and I was talking to him about baseball and hunting, and I could tell he was wanting to tell me something but just couldn't get the words to come out. I saw the frustration in his eyes and it broke my heart man. Just hold on to all the memories you have and make as many as you can while he is still able.


Brutal, I feel for you.


You've got a friend in me, mate.