Rough Sex

My girlfriend of almost a year told me (before we started having sex) that she was “into” rough sex. Our sex life is fantastic and she has let me know that, but I feel in the back of my mind that she misses the “rough stuff” once in a while. I have always been fairly conservative when it comes to sex, but I would like to expand my horizons, as well as pleasing her. I really don’t know where to start, I’ve wanted to try, but I’m afraid of hurting her (physically). I’ve tried to communicate my feelings to her, but she says not to worry about it, if she missed it that much, she would tell me. But I don’t really believe it. Any advice or tips? I’m sure she would be into spanking, but what else could I try? Vixens? What do you like?

Am i missing something? I think with my brain, not with that thing in my pants. You should try this “against the tide” stuff. Have sex with your wife the way she wants. (wife is used on purpose) Don’t let your emotions rule your life or penis.

Okay, are you ready for this: Have sex with her, and then see how fast you can achieve orgasm. Then when she says, “You call that sex,” your reply can be "Roughly

If you’re not sure what she wants… ASK HER and tell her to be specific. If you are not comfortable asking her perhaps you should re-examine your decision to have sex with her. If it’s just hard to talk about, send her a little email of a fantasy of yours… she will probably return the favor. By exchanging ‘ideas’ this way you may be able to find out exactly what she wants.

Steve, that was classic! LMAO!

Thanks, Char-Dawg. It’s the best I could come up with at a moment’s notice. I wasn’t sure if this guy wants advice or is just turned on by other people’s thoughts of “What they like.” Have a good one.

I will definitely have a good one. I’m STILL laughing. And BTW, please consider yourself inducted into the Forum Humor Hall of Fame.

Well, I hope everyone gets a chuckle every now and then. They all can’t be funny, but I appreciate the induction. LOL. By the way, I added quite a few last evening, as I couldn’t sleep. I started a fitness competition last Friday. I have been vegetable juice fasting. I really went to crap over the past few months. So, about Wednesday evening, when I am out of vegetable juice, I am going to switch to the fat fast for about two weeks. Then I am going to gradual my way on the Atkins diet. Wish me luck. I was thinking about MAG 10 while on the Fat Fast, but it says you have to each like a rat at the end of the maze, so I am still iffy. To tell you the truth, I am leery about MAG 10 as it sounds to good to be true. Take care, Char-D

Michelle, thanks for the advice. Steve, I had to admit I laughed my ass off, but don’t think I will try your approach. She did tell me to watch Basic Instinct, she says it turns her on more than porn. Guess I’ll check it out. All I know about that flick is the “interegation scene” aka no panties…

Steve, everything about Biotest and T-mag is too good to be true - but it’s true. I haven’t tried Mag-10 yet myself, but I’ve got a bottle and will be giving it a shot. I have no doubt that it will work as advertised. As will the protein bras (oops, typo . . . but wait a minute, that’s a damn good idea…) er, bars, when they come out. Yo, TC! Tim! What about Protein Bras!!! Talk about a perfect product…

At least she didn’t send you to Body of Evidence…wow, very hot. In more ways than one.

Top of the day. Okay, I’ll do it. Hmmmmmm. Protein bras! The Gyno-Bra. I see money:)

Hook up jumpercables from a car battery to her nipples while you smack her ass with the thorny stems of a rose bush. She will love you forever.

bj, i see nobody is giving you any good ideas, so let me try to help. its been my experience (over and over again) that when girls like it rough, there are talking about a good hard pu$$y pounding with a few ass smacks and some hair pulling (not too hard!). hittin’ it from behind is the choice position of course! a little hint too…girls that like it rough also like there men to talk dirty to them. its all in the same mood. you will both win once you feel feel comfortable with this. she will be getting what she likes…and you will feel like THE MAN! now go smack the shit out her!

Think “ram it home” and any massage you give (you do use your hands as well, don’t you?) should be a little harder than you would think. Watch her face for the clues (and use your ears for knowing to go harder), you’ll know when you’ve gone too far.