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Rough Outline For A Cycle

So I am wanting to do a cutting cycle while putting on some mass as well.

Im thinking about doing a 6-8 week cycle using Winstrol and Anavar capsules. I do not think any PCT will be necassary after im done with this cycle.

50mg/ED Winstrol
30-40mg/ED Anavar

That’s a lot of orals for 8 weeks. I would make sure your liver is in good shape prior to the cycle.

That thought crossed my mind as well. I am only going to do the cycle for 6 weeks and take the pills mon-fri.

Do you think this cycle will be very effective??

Would any PCT be necessary?

More so it is the winstrol you need to be conserned of, but your oral dose is still quite low.

8 weeks isn’t too long, But you would be better off keeping the cycle to six weeks.

Use tribulus throughout, and pct have nolvadex on hand, but don’t use it right away, as chances are it won’t make much of a difference, since both winstrol and anavar do not convert to any other hormones of the female nature.

add more anavar… say around 60 mgs at least