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Rough Average Spent on Food Daily?

hi all. wasn’t too sure where to post this, but i guess since it involves food, the supplement and nutrition forum would be a good start eh?

anyways, i’m a singaporean who will be heading to wildwood new jersey to work for the summer. i was wondering if anyone could help me with a rough estimate on how much i’d be spending on food daily while i’m there. i’ll be living on a rather small budget. trying to figure out if its cheaper to eat only whole foods with no supplementation or to go it in a vdiet-lite manner, substituting some meals with a protein shake. considering i’ll be on a budget, i’ll be using the opportunity to cut weight since i’ll be eating less that way.

some dietary targets:
2000cal/day on non workout days
2500cal/day on workout days
at least 200g protein/day
less than 100g carbs/day

current stats:
body fat in the high teens due to a year long bulking attempt