rotor cuff injury

what type of specialist treats rotor cuff problems? Is it ortho or neuro? Anyone know of a specialist in eastern Massachusetts?

I believe you need a physiotherapist to help with rotator cuff problems. Sorry I can’t recommend one–I don’t live in Mass.

Check out ART.

I went to one in wellesly called sports something… if u want ill look it up. They were vary knowledgeable but worhtless as far as rehab. I did all there rehab didnt help at all i suggest FIRST ask a specialist if training will make it more likely to tear, they told me mine wouldnt so overall i only missed 2 upper workouts. Then either buy the westside Reactive video, for Dick Hartzells rehab stuff, or get some bands and do every motion ESPECIALLY the ones that are bad for the shoulder. This is how i rehabbed mine. Basically i never got anything from the norm in/ex crap they showed me, rahter i just practice with light tension moveing all ways.
Hartzell on the vid has two main suggestions, use a band for hammer curls and up right row(pull out at top-green band) adn traction the joint to rid pain and help remove waste build up. Good luck, if you tyr the rehab my way be careful, it worked for me a and for my friend, but if you go to fast or arnt careful, ull likely hurt yourself worse. Im no doc, it just worked for me

Thanks for the response gents. ART looks intriuging but I am a little skeptical. It doesn’t seem possible that a person with a serious injury could be healed by two sessions which involve rubbing. However, I need to look more into this - no question - before I pass judgement.

As for the tapes and rehab advise, again, thanks for your input.

My problem is a little more complicated than I indicated. There is a sholder problem with limited range of motion, grinding and crackling noises, weakness and loss of stregnth. To make matters worse, when I have impact on the sholder -(I do jui jitsu), I get excrutating pain and my whole arm goes numb and stays that way for days. That is why I was thinking about going to a neuro doctor.

Look into ART. I’m a fully credentailed provider, and it works as well as advertised. Look for Bill Brady, a chiropractor in the Boston area. Art is skill dependant, so you want an experienced doc. I just had a new patient that increased her lumbar flexion by a good six inches with about ten minutes of work. Today she’ll play the district title with almsot no back pain from two treatments.
It’s not uncommon to have basketball players back in a few days after a sprained ankle etc. Check it out, I know what it can do. A good ART provider is light years ahead of anyone else with soft tissue injuries, do to the very comprehensive nature of the work. I often find it very hard to explain to a lay person without an extensive amount of anatomy knowledge(doctor level) what I’m exactly doing. I usually have to dumb it down. They worry more about the results, thakfully.