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ROTK Trailer: It's HERE



I have the biggest chills I’ve had in a long time. OMG this has to be the best trilogy ever!!!

I didn’t see this thread here before, I just submitted this same trailer thread, way late, I feel like a Fell Beast’s ass, nice trailer tho.

holy shit I can’t wait. Thanks for posting this.

yes thank you…i just messed my pants and i love you…:slight_smile:

The trailer comes to cinemas here on Thursday but they played it on the late news last night.
After it finished the presenter gave a shivery ooohhh which pretty much summed it up. Cannot wait.

Why do I get the feeling the big battle is gonna be Braveheart-cloned? Certainly looks like that in the trailer…oh well, good formula I guess eheheh.

I don’t think it will be Dan. Suppose to be way bigger than the Battle at Helms Deep. Seems impossible. :slight_smile:

Well, from the books, the battle at helms deep was pretty minor, but the battle at Gondor involved the entire world. So we’ll see.

The battle at Helms Deep consisted of 10,000 Uruk-hai versus the combined forces of 300 men and Elves.

At the Pellenor Fields, we’ll be seeing the full power of Mordor unleashed. This force will contain one group of 10,000…just one group. There will be groups of 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20,000. As well as large Cave Trolls and Oliphants (and the Nazgul). They will be up against Gondorian, Rohirrim; just about any man or force that have claimed allegiance to the forces of good fighting against Sauron.

Yes, the Battle in the Pellenor Fields will be MUCH, MUCH larger than Helms Deep.

See it doesn’t take much to make me happy! :wink:


don’t forget about the cursed dead people who follow aragorn because they betrayed his ancestors and they follow him because they want the curse to be lifted. Man, I’m so pumped.

Yeah, that’s cool…

The trailer looks awesome! I’ve never been so excited about a movie in my life.

the dvd behind scenes said 200k total, if i remeber, to be the largest battle ever on screen. brave heart? comon guy. i haven’t read the books, but i guess more good characters wil die. from the trailer it looked like the king died.