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Rotisserie chicken

Been hooked on rotisserie chicken for the past two weeks. With the skin off I notice the chicken is much greasier. With the extra fat I suppose you could consider this a P&F meal. Any feedback on this?

i loooove Rotisserie chicken as well,here is what i do,i take the chicken dismantle it(i eat a whole bird) after i pull the good white meat off, i run it under water and wash it,then if its a p+c i eat it with good carbs or its a p+f i eat it with good fats…

With the skin off it is actually less fattening.

If you run it under water, doesn’t it loose all its flavor and just become chicken?

Sac,no that rotisserie flavor is sealed in durring the cooking process,it still tastes damn good to me…

I always wondered what rotisserie (sp) was so greasy. WTF? I’d think all that juice (fat) would drain out. Do they baste it or something???