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Has anyone ever tried it? I have, delicious.

It is an East Indian common food.

Does anyone know the nutritonal value of it? Just curious. Carbs, fat ect.

I worked in India for about 6 months back in 2000. Roti is the generic Hindi word for bread. Depending on the type of Indian food that you’re eating, the roti can vary from a small, thin cracker to a large fluffy sheet of bread. In general, it’s mostly a lot of carbs and some fats (typically not the good kind) - definitely the stuff of cheat meals. Sorry if this bursts your bubble.

It’s mostly carbs with minimal fat ~ .5 grams for 60 calories worth.


I thought roti was a generic Hindi word for “chop” as in chop your chicken, beef, lamb etc. into pieces. I remember this because my friend who speaks the language said if anyone yells a phrase at you with “roti, roti, roti” in it, he is saying he will chop you into many, many pieces. I wish I could remember the whole phrase, but all I remember is him say, with much animation “roti, roti, roti!!”.

actually, everyone here is partially correct. i am from the west indies, where roti is a common food/dish aswell…while i am not sure of the actual translation of the word roti, it generally refers to a dish where curried chopped meat (chicken, goat, etc.) is rapped in or eaten with a “fluffy sheet of bread”, or roti skin as we call it. the smaller variety in refered to as chana, and usually only contains curried chic peas and potatoes…while the roti skin it self doesn’t contain much fat, the contents often does. besides that, the bread is still a high GI carb.

sorry vaines, still definitly a cheat meal.

Thanks for the info. I knew it wasn’t a great food in nutritonal value, gives you alot of carbs though.

Im still gonna eat it.

Being from an indian family and particulalry anal about nutrition, i decided to try and work out how much an average roti has got protein carbs and fat wise. Now this is based on my mothers own, the size is about 160mm ish in diameter but the ingredients are pretty average. My mum doesnt put so much oil and heats it using a roti maker which doesnt require oil so hers are low in fat. Different areas of india have different ways of making roti. there are two types from the state my parents are from one is a dry roti with no oil and another is a softer roti with oil.
I estimated that my mothers roties were about

30 grams carbs
6 grams protein and
4-6 grams fat.
they’re not bad taste fricking superb but I only have them on cheat days since they are still high in carbs and like regular or whole meal bread, pretty high GI wise