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Rothlisberger Hurt In Accident



I hope that he turns out to be ok. He has a bright future in the NFL..


Yea saw this on ESPN360, download it its like ESPN on your computer and you can pick what you want to see. But yeam from the stuff I read and heard big Ben should be in good shape will probably miss some camp, but he should be good. The main thing is his jaw needs to heal up and be healthy quickly then he should be ready to play 100%. The sad thing is he wasn't wearing a helmet which caused the majority of the problem, but I can see what he could've been thinking. He doesn't like helmets, and he probably figured since its early in the morning I can go where I need to with little traffic then "something happened". Anyways I think he should be good and healthy soon.


And he wasn't wearing a helmet... Simply amazing.


eh, broken nose and jaw, and a head laceration, he'll be alright. Could've been a lot worse for getting thrown into a windshield...

Steeler players are tough, unlike that other PA football team...


Im boggled at the fact people even ride bikes nowadays. Ive seen to many people die an early death to ever step foot on one of those. I would rather walk.


He also has serious knee injuries, both knees.


Wouldn't his contract have had something in it to prevent something like this? I think back when Elway played, in his contract it said no skiing.


I was scared when I heard this this morning. good to hear that he will be ok. I could only imagine what Pittsburgh would do to the guy that hit him. What's amazing is how bad the coverage was on the news back in the Burgh. They were reporting that he was in critical condition (which it turned out htat he wasn't) and there was a whole lot of uncertainty surrounding the whole thing. It makes you wonder if the media can't even get a local story right, how can they be covering the war accurately?


ESPN.com's John Clayton has confirmed that Roethlisberger also suffered a 9-inch laceration to the back of his head, has lost or chipped a number of teeth and has MINOR injuries to his knees from hitting the pavement.


am I the only one who doesn't feel bad for the guy?

I think it's a shame that he (or anyone) got hurt, I really do. But in the wake of kellen winslow, etc.....and to not be wearing a helmet? come on. get serious.


do drivers who hit motorcyclists and are at fault get fined? i feel bad for him as i've had teeth knocked out and its not fun getting them back.


Yup. It's been the big story on the local news and radio.

I hope he recovers well.


I hope he recovers soon, but he deserved it. His body is worth millions of dollars and he risked motorcycling without a helmet.


My bad.


No problem, your apology is completely accepted.

The fact that you're a Raiders fan, however...


I will not apologize for being a Raider fan though. I am sorry that we keep losing and have the worst record over the last 3 or 4 years.

I do have an optomistic opinion that Big Ben will continue his fine career.


Sucks about the teeth. That would be bad-ass if he didn't get them fixed and just went semi toothless. Imagine...


I simply can't understand the reasoning for him not wearing a helmet..he plays a sport in which men fly at him at speeds up to what 20 mph and its mandatory to wear a helmet but this Rhodes Scholar doesnt find it necessary to wear a helmet when speeding along at 65 mph or faster. Thank God he wasnt killed. Hopefully the state wises up to the stupidity of their law


good post except for the last part. i do not believe it to be the state's responsibility to protect people from their own stupidity.

is this guy an idiot, or is this guy an idiot? riding a motorcycle or otherwise doing any high risk activity as a professional athlete in his prime is totally uncalled for.

reminds me of when percy snow of the chiefs fell of a moped at training camp about 10 years. broke his ankle and was out for the season. in fact, i think it ended his career.

this is the exact reason why jerry rice was so damned good for so damned long. he didn't do dumb stuff, he took care of himself, he stayed healthy, and he stayed on the field.


Most accidents to motorcycles riders happen to be the direct fault of the car that caused the accident. It would help if people in cars would begin realizing that bikes are vehicles also and that looking for them on the road is what you should be doing, not ignoring them and running into them.