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Rotator Training Poliquin Style

Hey guys-

I was wondering if any of you knew the reccomendations of Charles Poliquin in regards to rotator cuff training? I hear he had a good routine somewhere, like, an every five day rotator cuff plan. If anyone could share that with me, I’d appreciate it, or if you could point me as to where to find it, that would be great. Thanks!


Bump. I recently injured my rotator cuff and am doing the exercises my ART practicioner gave me, but I’m looking to see what else there is. This article’s pretty good- www.testosterone.net/html/body_145shldr.html

and so is this one- www.testosterone.net/nation_articles/225lat2.html

but neither is by Poliquin… Anyone else?

There is an online Poliquin article on rotator cuff training called “Serious Advice on a Humerus Subject.” I’m not sure whether I’m allowed to put the address here, but here goes (take out the spaces): www.musclemedia.com/training/ shoulder.asp

Cool, thanks Brian! This looks pretty similar to the exercises my ART guy has me doing, with just heavier weights since I’m rehabbing :slight_smile:

Great links, guys!!! My shoulders thank you.

Glad I could help Terry- you turned me on to ART when I was ailing and posted on the forum- thanks again for that- I’m almost back 100% now after about a month of treatments and rehab work…

Nick, thanks for sharing that with me. That is incredibly good news!!! It’s good to see the baton being passed in the relay of life. I’ve always said the good advice I’ve been able to pass on I’ve aquired here at T-Mag. It’s good to see that you’re carrying on in the tradition.

Here’s one from one of Poliquin’s old MM2K articles (Shoulders of Steel):


A1: L-lateral raise

Tempo: 2-0-2
Sets/reps: 3/6-8
Rest: 0

A2: Dumbbell press
Tempo: 3-0-3
Sets/reps: 3/6-8
Rest: 90 sec.

B1: ShoulderHorn raise
Tempo: 3-0-3
Sets/reps: 3/6-8
Rest: 0

B2: Muscle snatch (also called Cuban press)
Tempo: 3-0-3
Sets/reps: 3/10-15
Rest: 90

send me this routine please

How often do you people think anyone who wanted to incorporate these into their workout, what body part should you work it in with, and how often ? I was thinking as Poliquin said do it with chest (before), and I’m planning on doing this probably every chest day (Sunday only), or even do it every other week.

Thoughts ?

Poliquin often suggests to superset a rotator cuff exercise with a chest or back exercise, like pull-ups or dumbbell rows. I don’t know what he would prescribe during a maximal strength phase. King says he does at least one rotator cuff exercise before every upper body day. You have to be careful to predict how this will affect your first lift. And Coach Davies article about protecting from injury instructed to do them later in the workouts, which usually begin with some variation of OLs.