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Rotator/Rear Delt Work


Has anyone used the above exercise? I used it once a few weeks ago with less swinging and rather liked it. Thinking about doing 3 or 4 sets again today.


Never used this particular exercise before. I personally always just do bent over flyes for my rear delt work... You know, where you do the opposite motion of a chest DB fly? I like this the best and always keep it light so I can control the DB and get then nice and beyond parallel to the floor. Don't see any major reason not to do this exercise personally.

Though based on the motion path of this exercise I would speculate that it won't target the rear delt and rotator cuff as specifically. Seems to be a bit of a front raise to me that would also hit the upper back a bit like face pullls due to retraction of the scapula.


Face pulls, band pull downs, band no moneys, and band pull aparts from varying positions (the traditional one, hands staggered, high, low, etc), and wall scaps are my favorites for correcting any shoulder issues that come along and keeping them from happening in the first place.

Granted, really clean and good pressing form and having a strong, beefy uppper back is very very important for helping to prevent and correct shoulder issues.


What are band no moneys?


Let your arms hang down. Then, supinate your hands (palms facing outwards on both sides). Raise your forearm to parallel with the ground (palms now facing up). Keep your elbow in the same place and rotate your upper arm so that your hands are now in front of you intead of at your sides. Your forearms should remain parallel to the ground the whole time.

Moving the hands to the sides is I guess what you could call the concentric portion. It also stretches the upper chest pretty good.


Many people I find train their rotator cuff far too light. It's actually a fast twitch dominant muscle & should be challenged once in a while. Personally I like muscle snatches & power snatches for the rotators. I really like Kroc rows for the rear delts.


Can also be done standing. Surprisingly effective for such a simple motion.


I have noticed that whenever I have snatches in my workout my shoulder stops hating me so much.


Yup, I'm the same. Have never had a shoulder problem in about 3 years since I started doing snatch variations every workout.


I used to have terrible shoulder pain but after doing TGU's my shoulders feel 100% I know its not the most popular exercise, and you'll get some wtf looks at the gym but I swear by them. And you get plenty of other benefits as well.