Rotator Cuffs

Lately Ive been having pain in my shoulders when I do pressing movements. Ive never done any rotator cuff exercises but lately Ive read alot about how helpful they are supposed to be. Ive read where these exercises can help with the pain and really increase the poundages in the pressing movements. I would like to hear everybody feedback that has used these. Did they really get rid of the pain? Did they really increase the poundages?

Recently I was experiencing pain in my left shoulder when performing Incline Dumbbell Presses. It was really annoying because my right shoulder was fine. I dropped all my chest exercises and started a shoulder/rotator cuff program. Before this, I had never used any rotator cuff exercises. I used 3 in each workout. Cuban Presses, External Rotatoin with Low Pulley while Standing, Arm in Low Position, and I also used External Rotation with Dumbbell, Arm Abducted on Preacher Bench. In three weeks my shoulder got really strong and I’m back to benching using more weight and exerpiencing no pain. I suggest you try some of Jerry Telle’s movements or implement some kind of rotator cuff exercises.

The exercises are invaluable, and should be performed by all weightlifters and bodybuilders whether they’ve experienced rotator cuff problems or not. Try to find the now out-of-print book (I believe) entitled “The Six Minute Rotator Cuff Solution.” It’s an incredible trove of good help and detailed exercise instruction. Another solution is to call Dr. Michael Leahy’s office in Colorado Springs and find a chiropractor in your area trained in his Active Release Therapy. (Do a search in Testosterone for his number, it’s been published several times in the mag).

John, I found a book on amazon that is titled ‘7 Minute Rotator Cuff Solution’ by G. Robinson, Horrigan. Is this the book you were refering to?

Building up your rotator group should help out. If you increase the strength in the teres major/minor, subscapularis, etc… your shoulder will increase its stability, which in theory should increase lbs in your pressing movements, but get rid of the pain before you start trying to set PR’s. Best of Luck!

I personally gained 20lbs. on my bench almost overnight after training the rotators.I also found that I didn`t inflame my shoulders after doing presses behind neck(which happened frequently).I use a cable pulley for a smooth motion.