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Rotator Cuff?

I never had any major injuries throughout highschool football and track and im finding myself having a bit of a problem now with my rotator cuff?
I was at the gym the other day just going through a normal routine, nothing ‘extremely’ out of the ordinary and i was doing pushpress. At the end of my last set I find my shoulder a lil irritated i guess you could say.
Now after a day i feel it, I guess pinching? its a differnt pain hurts a lil bit when i do a shrug but if its an injury that could potentially become an issue I want to do something to obviously not injure it. I was wondering if you could help me out with some suggestions as to what I should to srengthen it?

Depends on the type of injury, the severity, etc. Go see a Physical therapist can get it checked out.

i’ve had shoulder pain my whole life. I got it from my dad. i have pertruding clavicals on both sides and on occasions i’m like a complete cripple, unable to lift my arms from my sides or do any kind of rotational movement. although interestingly i’ve never had any problems with overhead work, infact resting my arms overhead, when i’m in bed, actualy relives the pain. i’m having some x-rays tonight so soon i’ll have a definate answer to what my problem is, but the doctor told me that i have rotator cuff impingment syndrome.

once i had an initial consultaion with my doctor (15mins) i was able to book an x-ray within a week. i don’t know what happens next, they told me i’d have a consultaion with a surgen tonight who could would be able to advise me. looks like i’ll end up having surgery on both shoulders but if that stops they pain i’ll be thrilled.

i know this doesn’t answer your question, but i thought since we’re in a similar boat you might be interested in the chain of events.
there are of course other things it could be, maybe a week rotator cuff (in which case it easy to strengthen, just search this site).

good luck,
and get an appointment with your GP, only they can tell you what it is, everyone else is just guessing.