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Rotator Cuff

Any good links for rotator cuff training programs? I’ve just started powerlifting after many years of moderate intensity weight lifting. I’m looking for shoulder stability and injury prevention. I’m not sure of the set\rep range. I don’t want rotator cuff work to replace any lifts, just supplemental.
Thank You.

I had a rotator cuff injury about 7 years ago and have recently injured my other shoulder. Both times I have used the routines in a book called The Seven Minute Rotator Cuff Solution by Jerry Robinson. No it’s not like 7 second abs. It’s a set of specific rotator cuff exercises designed to rehab or strengthen the cuffs. It works very well and only takes about 7 minutes of your workout.

Eric Cressey published an article here titled “The Rotator Cuff Conundrum” that was the best I’ve found on the subject.

Additionally, both Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson have done several articles here that touched on this stuff. Check the arthives over the past 1-2 years.