Rotator Cuff Tendonitis

I have been diagnosed with tendonitis in my left rotator-cuff. The doctor did not go into any details of the injury with me. The only time that I really noticed pain was when lying on my back with my arm over my head…when moving my arm back to its normal position I experienced a decent amount of pain. I also felt pain when laying on my left side at night and it woke me up a few times.
Anyhow, I got the wonderful cortisone shot in the shoulder and two weeks of anti-inflammatories. I haven’t worked shoulders at all during my trips to the gym and have been going lighter on all other upper body work.
Have any of you guys had an injury like this, and if you have, what did you do to recover?

Active Release Technique (ART) therapy is the best way to go. Cleared my rotator cuff injury up within two weeks with 4 treatments.

Sounds like what I had, but I did not have tendonitis. I strained my rotator cuff.Like IronSlammer, I had 4 sessions of ART, and i was back to benching heavy.

Your doc didn’t go into any details with you about your injury?!?!? If I were you I’d go back and DEMAND the details, and if he won’t give them to you (a) get your money back and (b) find a new doctor.

Doesn’t everyone think that it’s about time we started demanding more of our docs? Or is it just me?

No more cortison or anti-inflams!!! These will delay your healing time. Definitely ART, and if that doesn’t work, prolotherapy. Good luck

Alright, forgive my ignorance, but what the hell is ART?

Active release technique is basically deep tissue manipulation that actually get in and fixes the impingement or breaks down scar tissue or both. If done properly, it restores the poper function of the muscle and connective tissue group in question. Often times it can be accomplished with one treatment. Find a certified practitioner (most likely a chiropractor) and make sure he/she has a strong reputation. For tendonitis or muscle dysfunction, I’ve found it to work better than any traditional physiotherapy by far. I’ve had it done on both shoulders, hamstring, calf, and quad with great success.

Well, it appears that I am out of luck. I live in Louisville, KY and there are no ART practitioners in this shitty city.
Other than ART, any other suggestions?

Lie on your side, and point the up elbow at the ceiling (so your upper arm is perpendicular to the floor). With a LIGHT dumbell (5 or 8lbs. only–no kidding!) GENTLY and SLOWLY rotate the shoulder joint. Do sets of 30 repitions. Flip over, of course. This simple movement is used extensively for rehab’ing baseball pitchers. It has worked wonders for me, after I got my right shoulder cuff (the teres minor) blown out some years ago while a 5th degree Black Belt was having his way with me in New York.

i have similar problem, did an MRI have had 4 cortisone injections but keeps coming back, the MRI showed tendonitis, he said next opttion was scoping it, but is just exploratory according to the specialist, mine hurts doing bench, lat pulldowns mostly the pulling back of the muscles