Rotator Cuff Tear and AC Issues

So I had this issue for a while now with my shoulder, injured it during incline bench press, and after getting an MRI it shows there is an AC join issue and a 5.4mm supraspinatus tear. I will have a doctor’s appointment soon but from the information I gathered online so far I should try physical therapy and if the tear is bad then surgery.

Was wondering, what exercises should I avoid to not injury it more after I get surgery or I finish physical therapy. I basically heard to avoid anything above 90 degrees or over head per say. Also to avoid arm flaring, but then how can I exercise side delt, front delta and chest properly? Does anyone have this injury or has had it that can give me some exercises for these muscles that would be safe to do in the future to avoid damaging the rotator cuff more?

Thank you

If it hurts, don’t do it. Simple as that, although the above 90 degrees rule is decent (depends on the severity of the tear).

How old are you?

You can train your chest with cable presses, floor press and anything else that doesn’t hurt.

You can train you delts with raises, being very very slow and deliberate with tempo

I’m also a big fan of training in the smith machine for people with funky-feeling shoulders

I am 23 years old. To be honest I didn’t notice pain in my supraspinatus on the side “where there is a tear” just some mild discomfort on my front part of the shoulder and an AC issue when I raised my hand over the head, and that’s why i got an MRI.

I didn’t have issue doing lateral and front raises and doing chest flies but I am afraid to tear it more, that’s why I am wondering if I should do it if it doesn’t hurt?

I actually felt some pain from doing pressing, especially the narrow press where you either squeeze a big plate between your palms and push like a press or with two dumbbells’ that are tightly pushed together…

As someone who has has both shoulders scoped . I would let it rest until after seeing the doc. Preferably a orthopedic physician if thats what you have.

I didn’t go to the gym in like 3 weeks as of now, the pain I felt was before I took an MRI and as soon as I saw it I decided to stop until I get checked out by a doctor. Do you have any issues working out now after your problems? Can you do your chest and shoulders exercises normally or did you have to make some modifications to them? Also if you don’t mind me asking, what issues did you have with your shoulders? Thanks :slight_smile:

Here is a rundown…

15 years ago. Impingement of right shoulder. Went in the removed built up scare tissue and shaved off 1/8 " off of AC joint because of some micro cracks.

Little over 5 years ago left labrum tear…went in and secured it back in place.

Training wise just had to make sure pressing form was good . Also had to focus on keeping upper back strong along with maintaing good external rotation strength in the cuff. Since my issues was caused by slight internal rotation of the shoulder over time due to strength imbalance and shortening of the pec tendon.

The only training issue is that I lost slight mobility
in left left shoulder. Which causes inflammation when I use a closer hand placement on squats for extended amounts of time.

Oh, that doesn’t sound too limiting. Some people said that after a surgery of a rotator cuff you can’t do lateral raises or front raises at all, so basically can’t do chest and shoulders… So I got really scared that my time in the gym were up at only 23 because of a small tear…

For clarification it was a 3 month post surgery to start back. Several more month before things were almost back to a reasonable state.

These issues can take a long time to heal unfortunately.

I hurt my AC back in October and I havent been able to train my chest or shoulders for 6 months, so far, and its still not 100%.

I probably made it worse because when it first happened bench hurt but I could still do dips and a few other movements without pain. Then those eventually started hurting. I continued training around the pain but eventually everything hurt because I wasn’t resting it.

Take a little time off now or you might have to take a lot of time off later.

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Yeah I got it, will definitely take time off until I see a doctor and he tells me to get PT or surgery.