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Rotator Cuff Surgery Options and Training?

Had full tear 5/31/11 repair surgery - full thickness tear, torn labrum bicep, Ac Joint Arthrits.
Recovery went well, def went fast, was out 10 weeks was told 9 months to back in gym but was back in gym 5 days later, (bike).

have to have it on my left arm, but not a full thickness tear, has the ac joint arthrits, no idea bout labrum tear because he found that when in so assume i will find out same way.
But this one doesn’t hurt as much as other, when the right was torn it killed 24/7 and always felt like someone was pulling on it. this one not even close, it is weak and fails resistance tests and MRI shows a small tear.

Now my dumb ass was like…hmmm feels good lets bench…lol haven’t benched since i got hurt benching 2 board 540…so that was March 2011, was doing the bar since september up to 135 til i found out about left, so dumbass i am i say “315 no problem…lol” well it wasn’t for 2 actually felt heavy and needed help racking the 2nd but wouldn’t i bomb Totally if it was really torn?

When the right was torn i found out warming up with 135 right arm started shaking and felt dead, the left with 315 felt heavy but didn’t shake or feel dead? 2nd opinion, and my dr show a tear, radiologist didn’t see the tear…What do i do? Can i get buy without the surgery for a while or is it best to let him do it, if it isn’t torn he addresses the bone spur, ac joint arthritis and my recovery would be short? or don’t do it get back to training and really mess it up?

Just looking for anyone who may have had similar situation…