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Rotator Cuff Stretches?

Does anybody know if there are any stretches that are good for stretching the rotator cuff muscles out? I’ve had some tightness in these muscles lately and was hoping anybody knew of some good stretches. Thanks.

Tanker -

The rotator cuff is not a muscle - it is a group of tendons (and their RELATED muscles) that keep the upper arm in a ball and socket arrangement, stabilizing the joint and allowing you the range of motion you have in your shoulder. I would be more concerned with strenghtening the tendons - it easy to tear the tendons if you stretch too far, a common injury in many athletes.

Which of the four muscles do you want to stretch? Also, how do you know that it’s these muscles that are tight? They’re easily masked by larger muscle groups.

One common problem in the RC complex was overstretched tendons caused by dangling weights while doing shrugs etc. Dislocations overstretch connective tissue with a similar result.

Always keep some muscle tension on the shoulder as this is almost the only thing holding this unique and versatile joint together. Benches and Dips are a danger too in this way.

Keep tight like any other exercise.

A warm up stretch we use is the towel stretch where you dangle a towel behind the back and reach up to grab it and pull both ways :slight_smile: no, down & up, then switch hands :), we also use a pole to stretch the shoulder in an armwrestling type motion. Aggressive work will cause more harm than good.


two simple stretch. Hope this helps.