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Rotator Cuff Strength=Bench Strength

I’ve read that having a weak rotator cuff can hurt your pressing movements. I’m very interested in increasing the strength of my weak links to help get my strength up. Can you guys give me some Rotator Cuff exercise, can’t seem to find any strength movements?? Thanks

I’m in the process of putting together an article on this at the moment. For now, check out this link:

www.musclemedia.com/training/ shoulder.asp

Here is an old article by Charles Poliquin.

Serious Advise On A Humerus Subject
www.musclemedia.com/ training/shoulder.asp

I can’t get the page to come up!!!

Try deleting the space between “training/” and “shoulder”

Thank should do it.

Delete the space before shoulders

Eliminate the spaces in the given links of the webpages. That should solve your problem in terms of getting the right pages to come up. As far as general rotator training is concerned, the barbell cuban press is a good option and has helped me recover from 2 shoulder dislocations.

Charles Poliquin has an old article “Acheiving Structural Balance” Issue 52 T-Mag at: www.t-mag.com/html/52balan.html
Here he does a comparison between upper body parts on top sports personalities and found a way of defining percentages that show weakness in some parts - plus the cure, one of them being Rotator Cuff exercises to improve Bench Press lifts.