Rotator Cuff Soreness?

So… every time after I bench, I get sore in the rotator cuff. I don’t have pain or any impinging feelings or “clicking” while i bench. Does this mean I’m just working the rotator cuffs? A side note is that I used to have bad form where I don’t keep tight, and my rotator cuff was loose. Recently (recent months), I started being conscious about the rotator cuff, and keeping that area tight, and I’ve had to take my weight down from 45 dumbbells on incline to 20-25 in order to do them with tightness and control in the rotators.

Is rotator cuff soreness, with no pain, normal? Like I feel like when I move my arms back as if I’m doing a fly, I feel that area sore, and feel less range of motion in my shoulders.

I had terrible trouble with my rotators and with my shoulders in general, but my issues sound different to yours. Are you getting a sort of DOMS type feeling? I was getting full blown pain and tightness. I started doing a lot more flexibility work, defrano agile 8 and simple 6, and I started working my back much more. I started doing prehab stuff like band pull aparts, stuff like that. And I changed my form on the bench moves. Things have improved. Still can’t do things like overhead press without pain though, but most other moves are grand.

Nope, no pain, just feels sore. I did bench on thurs, and today is sat, and I could do military press, and cable pull apart (rear delt), and cable rows with no pain. I guess I’m just sore then, and that I’m really weak in those stabilizers.

most people are. Do some rotator cuff activation drills in your warm up. Makes a big difference

do you get soreness in the rotator cuff? How do you tell the difference between tearing/shearing/impingement, or any other injury vs just DOMs and normal soreness?

having had rotator cuff repair on BOTH shoulders over the years I can tell you that there is a difference between DOMS and a tendon tear. Things like decreased strength in lateral and front raises are present, constant pain in the front of your delt where your pec ties into your shoulder, numbness at night when sleeping, difficulty in reaching behind you (i.e. putting on a belt) are all good indicators.

If it persists, go see an ortho/sports med doc. They have some simple movements to check you out then may send you for an MRI. Depending on your age, it could also be bone spurs.