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Rotator Cuff/Shoulder Dislocation


I have a problem with my with my shoulder, I have been working out for about a 3 and a half years now now and I have noticed that my shoulder literally dislocates out of the joint.... I bought a book on rotator cuffs and tested positive to the SULCUS TEST! I have tried working shoulders but when I do any over head shoulder press or trap raises, I feel as if my shoulders are dislocating out of the joint and I have to hold my shoulder down to stop it from raising out.

I never feel any pain, but when bench pressing my right shoulder will literally pop out and inhibit me from pressing. I have seen a PT and physician and they told me to treat it as a DISLOCATED SHOULDER....Although I have never dislocated my shoulder or had any sort of shoulder injury ever!! they showed me some exercises to do, and I do them but I noticed no change!

I have noticed my shoulders lean forward as well, I believe this may be from chest pressing to much.. so I have started working back religously. My back is getting bigger but I notice my shoulders inhibit even these workouts. I have been told that the cause of this problem might be that my acrimonium is to big for the shoulder?? or that it was the way i was born??

  1. My shoulders click and grind with any kind of exercise
  2. My shoulders both seem to come right out of the socket
  3. I also have no traps even though I work them 2 times a week
  4. I was told I was double jointed and this could play a role
  5. I have subluxation in my left shoulder

what can I do??? ill do anything honestly... because my shoulders are affecting my workouts now, I feel like my bis and tris wont get any bigger because of this..... Any advice will be greatly appreciated... I will post some pictures.HOW CAN I FIX THIS???




back 2


left shoulder


right shoulder


video of right shoulder dislodging


video of right shoulder dislodging


i'd get a second opinion with someone who specializes in shoulder injuries whether you are injured or not.
along with a MRI to see what is going on.


If I read your first post, you did not have a specific moment/mechanism of injury that causes your shoulder issue. Also, you have been lifting for 3+ years - did the shoulder issue just now recently become noticeable? Do you recall anything happening that made you notice it or made the issue start occurring?

From the video you posted, photos, and descriptions you gave, here are my observations:
- You are positive for a sulcus sign, which mainly means you have some inferior shoulder capsule laxity
- Looks like there is some anterior shoulder laxity as well, especially based off of your video
- Self-diagnosed with rolled forward/kyphotic posture, which photos and video prove.
- Not sure if it is from the position and actions you are in during the photos/video, but you look very upper trap dominant and seem to be lacking mid/lower trap/rhomboid activation and scapular control.
- You shoulder is not "dislocating". What you are describing are excessive shoulder translations and subluxations. Might be semantics to point that out, but I feel it is important. If you have congenital laxity throughout your body, than your shoulder may have likely been like that and just now due to some activity you are doing (or not doing) are causing pain.

First and foremost, as another poster already said, go find a shoulder specialist and get an MRI to determine where the laxity is coming from. Is is a labral issue, capsular issue, etc? Secondly, STOP doing what you are doing in the video - don't "test it out", don't show it off to people, etc. You are only going to worsen the capsular issue if that is indeed the case.

Would you be able to post your current training routine? The more specific in terms of exercise selection the better. I would suggest to find somebody proficient in shoulder rehab to help guide you through some proper exercise selection as well, as you are in need of some good scapular control. Assuming this is a capsular laxity/congenital laxity issue and assuming what your workouts are like (based off of what you described and your photos), you should definitely focus on some lower trap/scapular control exercises, shoulder proprioceptive exercises (when ready to perform them), and thoracic mobility drills (likely an issue due to the rolled forward shoulders).


thank you very much for both of youre posts. to answer a few questions posed.. to LEVELHEADED: I have been working out off and on for 3.5 years... and had always noticed that problem with my shoulders. However, I never had it looked at until a yr ago because from then till now I have started to seriously workout. You also said i seem to be very upper trap dominant and that I need to focus on lower trap exercises; but I have noticed anytime I do any of pull downs or trap raises; my shoulder raises up awkwardly... with my left shoulder popping out (no pain). This occurs especially when doing barbell trap raises. I have seen 2 doctors and 1 physical therapists, one doctor said it was "fixable" and surgury wouldnt be needed just as long as I saw the therapist. The therapists showed me some rotator cuff exercises such as front and back rotator cuff rotations with elastic bands, some scapular exercises like taking to 5lb weights and slowly lifting them paralell to my body. I have done these religously and feel they arent helping. I bought and ebook from a therpists specializing in rotator cuff injuires/rehab.. showed him some pics and he told me to focus on scapular and rhomboid exercises because my shoulder seemed subluxed and showed laxity.

  1. what exercises would you reccomend for scapular/rhomboid exercises for (lacking mid/lower trap/rhomboid activation and scapular control)
  2. I was previously told that an MRI was costly and possibly couldnt clarify the problem
  3. is there a way to treat the subluxing?
  4. My routine is soemthing like this
    I work out 4 to 5 times a week... 2 days upper body: flat dumbell bench press 4 sets 8 reps, then incline dumbell press 4 sets 8 reps, t bar rows 4 sets 8 reps, bent over bar rows 4 sets 8 reps, pull downs 4 sets 8 reps, back extentions, and dips.
    lower body: is deadlifts, squats, leg press, hamstring extensions, lower back extenions. all 4 sets 8 reps

I was told to do these exercises within the confines of my body..... making sure not to strectch the shoulder in a awkward unusal way.


btw, I do not use heavy weight on shoulder exercises because I have noticed slightly moderate weight tends to blow out my shoulder even after i have properly stretched.... I also hear grinding sounds whenever I do any sort of press, or lateral dumbell raises. I never feel like the muscles are being worked, and when i target the lower trap with pull downs or kneeling dumbell raises.. my shoulder re adjust with my back and I feel my biceps doing all the work... hope this helps, and thank very much again