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Rotator Cuff Pain and Napraprati Therapy


I’m on a quest to get back in the game.

Here’s the deal, I am a 52 year old lifter who has had my share of aches & pains and associated injuries with lifting. I won’t go into them all here, but recently my escalating pain in my right shoulder has been prohibitive and I have been not been able to bench or do any type of pressing.

I went to see a napraprat who through ultrasound pictures discovered that my supraspinatus is strained and swollen causing impingement. I just completed 4 weeks of treatment where he zaps the injured area with those electrical pads then does some laser work followed by deep massage. The next step, he says, is to take 4 weeks off to rest it and do not do any training engaging the shoulder, which basically means I need to lay off training for a month. During this 4 weeks of rest, I should do ubber band external rotators to help rehab the area.

He said that most patients get goods results and are for the most part healed after the 8 weeks of total treatment.

The thing is, I am skeptical that this will work. Mostly because after each weekly treatment the relief is temporary I feel very little permanent reduction in pain. Unless a miracle happens during this 4 week rest period, I am afraid I will not be any better than before.

My question is, has anyone else gone through this Napraprati therapy with good results for rotator cuff injuries?

I need to get back in the game…


I went through all of that therapy and the pain never went away so I elected to have the surgery. Turns out my labrum and rotator cuff were torn. 6 weeks out of surgery it’s not fun. Hope yours doesn’t come to that


Yeah, in the end I don’t think the Napraprath therapy did much. He did
however, confirm through the ultrasound, that I dont have a tear but more
or less tendonitis and impingement. What did help in the end, though, was
seeing a chiropractor. I initiially went for lower back trouble, and
mentioned my sore neck and shoulder problems, thinking they were un-related
to my lower back woes. But he said everything in the spine is related, and
after working on my lower back as well as my neck, my shoulder pain was
extremely reduced as well as my back. I was amazed at the relief.

I’m back deadlifting & squatting…