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Rotator Cuff, MRI and Prolotherapy

I posted a message a couple weeks ago about a rotator cuff problem I was having. I had been seeing my ART guy (who had cured 2 seemingly similar problems for me in the past), who has not been able to cure this most recent problem after many, many weeks, so he had me get an MRI. Well, the MRI showed bursitis, osteoarthritis (especially of and around the AC joint), minor bone spurs, and a very minor tear of the supraspinatus. The tear must be REALLY minor, though, because when he did strength tests which test for the strength of the supraspinatus (holding my arm in certain postions and having me resist his pressure), I tested strong in them, and had no pain in those positions. He has now suggested that he give it a couple more weeks of him working on it (now that he has a better idea of the problem), and do lots of icing and use lots of ibuprofin in the meantime. If that doesn’t start to work quickly, he’ll send me to a surgeon. My questions are: (1.) Should I continue doing rotator cuff exercises in the meantime, and (2.) Before going to a surgeon, should I try Prolotherapy? Would this be likely to help me (given the bursitis, bone spurs, etc.)? I just want to be able to train my chest and shoulders again! Thanks a lot in advance.

Anyone? Anyone?

ALWAYS try every other treatment before surgery cuz surgery is the only one that makes permanent changes to your anatomy. Yes, definitely go for the prolotherapy before seeing the surgeon. It takes a while to work, but it was worth it for me. The prolo for my dislocated shoulder gave be better results than the surgery on my other shoulder for dislocation. The only thing that prolo will not help with his the bone spurs, but often bone spurs do not really cause any pain, and it is just the ligaments and tendons that do. Good luck

I can’t give you specific advice, all I can say is that I had prolo several years for a damaged rotator cuff and it was the best thing I ever did. The improvement was almost immediate. Find someone who does prolo and sit down with them and discuss your situation.

To be honest, I don’t know much about prolotherapy, however. Question… while the therapist applies various supraspinatus tests, does the movements hurt through passive movements, or active movements? You said that your shoulder does not hurt through resistive movements by the therapist, so why the ibe??? Secondly, have a postural assessment done, this will identify where you have muscle imbalances in the shoulder girldle. Incidentally, do you have rounded shoulders and tight pec minor? This would contribute to the pain you have been experiencing. Also identify the mechanical efficiency of your workouts. As for your workouts, try preforming exercises that stabilize the shoudler girdle and joint (emphasis on both!), preform open chained exercises as well. Basically, perfom exercises that are functional and will build the surrounding tissues and structures.