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Rotator Cuff Issue

Today i was doing push press when i felt a sharp pain in my left shoulder. I think it’s a rotator cuff issue.
It’s better after i stop doing shoulder-related exercises.

Should i stop shoulder exercises for the time being, or should i just decrease the weights to use for shoulder exercises?
I would appreciate any inputs given

I tore my Right benching wasn’t a sharp pain was a dull annoying pain that’s biggest issue was weakness. The Arm would shake when lifting and feel a hell of a lot weaker like 60% or more.

Then i tore the left sleeping and was sharp at moment but over all pain is dull throbbing and same weakness issue.
*tore sleeping note- was partially torn rolled on it wrong and tore it.

Go to dr some simple resistance tests can see if it is rotator and what next step should be, if resistance test fail xray/mri would be next.

thanks for ur input. i will try it out. hope it isnt a major issue.