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Rotator Cuff Injury?

monday i hurt my shoulder in a football game. I was making a takle and there was a fast sharp pain witch lasted for about 10 minutes then went away so i went back in. The pain went away but then towards the end of the game i recoverd a fumbled and landed all of my weight on the same shoulder and the same pain happened again but must worse.

Yesterday i decided to go to the doctor and i got a x-ray but the x-ray didn’t show any breaks or dislocations. i have a very hard time turning my arm in and out and reaching across my body.

also when i walk my shoulder pops out of no where. I got an MRI today and am waiting for the results. Do you think i could have torn my rotator cuff? if i did how long do you think i would be out for football?

Rotator cuff tears usually will cause serious pain and even lack of mobility with your arm above your head. It’s possiable you ruptured a bursa in your shoulder. It’s a sack of fluid which allows the arm to move smoothly without contact with other parts of your shoulder.

I’m not exactly sure if they heal 100%, I’ve heard you can get them removed afterwords but I’m not sure what’s the best route.

What did the doctor say?

I ruptured mine and it’s never been the same. I’m about 30% weaker in my left shoulder than my right.