Rotator Cuff Injury

Well about three weeks ago I was doing a light workout at home. Sometime during the last part of that workout between 1 armed bent over rows and Delt flyes I started to feel a sort of twinge under my armpit where my arm attaches to my shoulder. Today, about three weeks later, was the 4th day of my summer workout. All week my arm has been bothering me a little bit but not too seriously. I just thought I had a tight muscle or something.

Well today I was about to do incline DB press and while I was laying back on the bench and bringing the weights up to my chest I had a searing pain under my arm. For the rest of that workout I could not do anything involving my arm. So basically I couldnt do anything today.

Anyway I’m not really sure what is injured. It hurts really bad if i extend my arm backwards,out to the side, or straight up. Again the pain is in my armpit where the arm attaches with the shoulder. I really need some help on what kind of Injury it might be and what things I can do to get back on track with it. I want to miss as few workouts as i can. Thanks a whole lot in advance.

I posted some info on my own experience and exercises recommended by a sports physio to get me back on track in this thread here:

There’s also a very helpful T-Nation article on the muscles that support the shoulder (the rotator cuff) and how to strengthen it to prevent any such injuries occuring again:

Hope that helps.

If the pain does not go away after a few days, then go to a doctor immediately. Have them diagnose it…it might not be your rotator, it might be strained ligaments, a tendon, or a slight impingement caused by an exercise you did. But self diagnosis is hard for those of us that arent doctors.

I tore my rotator playing football almost three years ago, and I never went to a doctor for it. To this day it occasionally gets sore, sometimes twinges on me, and is a general pain in the ass. not enough to warrant alot of attention, but enough to irritate me. The moral is, get it checked, and do whatever they tell you to do.

To janoski:

Its been healing up pretty fast and i think that in about a week ill be able to work out with it again. If its still giving me problems in several weeks ill most likely go to a doctor about it though.