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Rotator cuff injury

I have an appointment with a Dr. for shoulder pain, but it’s not for 2 weeks. I’d like to get some opinions from some of you guys experienced in this area to ease my mind. Basically I always had pain in my shoulder that comes and goes. Lately it hasn’t gone and it’s worse than ever. The pain is deep inside in the rear delt when doing any kind of chest pressing movement. I can only bring the bar down as far as my chin, if I’m lucky. Overhead, behind the neck presses aren’t too much of a problem. No problem with any kind of back movemnts either, I’m actually fairly strong on my back movements. Also impossible to do lateral raises or bent over laterals. Front raises are no problem. So any ideas of what could be wrong? Is it tendonitis or does it sound like I’m doomed with a slight tear?

Just bumping it up.

Try going to an Active Release Tech doctor. They can do wonders with soft tissue injuries. i hav a n apt tommorrow for my right shoulder.


Sounds like you’ve got yaself a tendonitis dude. If it is, it should go down your arm to your elbow and then fade off. If It doesn’t it’ll get worse.
Just to be on the safe side try some external rotator exercises.

As, Last year I had experienced a similar problem with my rotator cuff. I went to the physical therapist for about two months before I was out on my own. The physical therapist made me do exercises to build my rotator cuff. They also used a tens unit and iced and heated it. I still do the rotator cuff exercises everytime before a shoulder workout as a warm up. This has left me stronger than ever and injury free.

Right now if the pain is as severe as you say I would definetly go to see the therapist so they can see what the problem truly is. I don’t like to go to doctors either, but my shoulder pain lasted for around 2 months before I broke down and went. So my best advice is to see the doctor and the sooner you start the recovery, the sooner you can hit the weights again.

Good luck with the shoulder.


I would be very interested in hearing what the doctors have to say.

Approach your training carefully. Canm it be tendonitis? Yes. By the same token can it be a more serious rotator cuff injury? Sure it can.

Remmber, rotator cuffs can take a very long time to fully heal, as the rotator cuff area doesnt have a very good blood supply to the area.

well to be on the safe side I would say stop doing the things that hurt. I also have had problems with my rotator cuff and i found that doing arm circles(slowly) with a little weight as well as another rotator cuff exercise helped me out. Give that a shot and see if it helps.