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Rotator Cuff Injury

I have had 2 life theatening critical/ICU accidents in the last 4 years. I’ve also had several injuries on both shoulders. My left required open surgery due to very large mass from standing blood that calcified as well ad rotator cuff issues.

My right shoulder is 100% a rotator cuff issue. I have stopped 3 different times to take 1 wk. Off. Each time my injury comes back after a period of time.

I know they’re are references ot there. Most say to leave it alone to heal. I am so tired of gaining muscle, only too loose it.

To not lose ALL of my gains, what exercises are likely safe? Of COURSE every person is different, but a starting point is great. And I clearly know no lat raises or similar.

Thanks all

What movements cause you pain?
Which ranges of motion are you lacking?

90 degree elbow or not. Raise to 80 deg or level with shoulder. Reaching behind. Some pain worth db bp. Ohd db shoulder press.
Some others burr those are main movements.

Do you mind just clarifying what this means?

RC injuries don’t heal with out surgical intervention. You can try BPC-157 but its unlikely it will help. You need the tendon reattached.

I’ve had 3 RC repairs in the last 10 years. Trust me, it doesn’t get better. Any “improvements” you may feel are surrounding/supporting muscles that are compensating for your RC cuff.

Plenty of people do extremely well with a properly-thought out conservative management plan. Sure, you won’t fix the structural damage, but your body can pretty effectively survive without a fully-intact cuff provided it’s managed properly

Survive? Sure. But you will always lack structural integrity in your joint. Not sure why people always refuse to accept this and think they can continue to progress in the gym with a torn connective tissue. But hey, knock yourself out. Obviously the 3 orthopedic surgeons who diagnosed me and repaired my shoulders were misinformed.

I’m not at all saying they were misinformed, RC reconstruction is a valuable surgical tool, it’s just not the only tool.

RC does not provide structural integrity

Nor is it a connective tissue

Rotator cuff is a dynamic stabilser of the shoulder joint. It is not required to produce large magnitudes of force. It has a large degree of functional redundancy. RC surgeries are not guaranteed to produce good outcomes without proper retraining.

I’m sure that’s what you read but in reality…No lateral movement, limited overhead pressing, scar tissue, inflammation, bone spurs, muscle atrophy, and higher risk of more tearing.

The OP asked about exercises and I told him what I knew based on not 1, or 2, but THREE separate surgeries with 3 different Drs.

@jeffh3c1 go see a good sports oriented ortho surgeon and get an MRI and go from there. You need to be informed and know what you’re dealing with.

I spoke with my Doc and he said that it COULD be a year before I could lift anything over a gallon of mink. With the hard work I’ve put in, that scares me. If I drop off the wagon of BB I am doubtful I can muster the gumption to start back. That said, who known. I can do some lighter weights and push through, but it always hurts until the weekend. Then it starts to feel some better before I start the vicious cycle over again. I am making good gains. I really hope I don’t have to make that call…

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I’m sorry but that’s bullshit. I was in a sling for 6 weeks, then 12 weeks of PT and lifting during PT but under his guidance. A good PT will help you prepare for the gym. I also went the gym while in a sling and did one arm stuff and legs. It all helps.

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Wow, maybe I’ll find another specialist! TY for info. My left is weaker, so that might force me to do more on that side if I go through with it.