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Rotator Cuff Injury


2 months ago it was my chest and back day. the first thing i did was decline pressing without warming up. I put some serious weight on the bar because im a teenager and i think im invincible. I had a spotter and put the weight up. I always did the smith machine for my chest so i didnt have any stabilizer muscle that were used to balancing the bar. The bar went down on my left side and i injured my left rotator cuff. i didn't know much about rotator cuff injuries then so the next week i went back into pushing and pulling exercises. it got worst. i rested it for about two weeks and then went back, and the pain was still there. so i finally read up on rotator cuffs and i rested for 4 weeks. it had some peaks of pains and some reliefs but it ended up back where i was when i started. today my shoulder felt better so i decided to try bench pressing with light weight. it went back to the starting pain. i am so tired of it even though ive done so many researching and rotator cuff excercises/stretches. i doubt it i need surgery because i have full range of motion and it only bugs me when im holding a resistance. someone please help me.


First off have you seen an MD, gone to PT and all that. That would be my first move find a good ortho.
Honestly man if you can't do anything that has a load on your arm you may need surgery it may be a labral tear or a rotator cuff or a whole list of other injuries. Get it checked out before you do anything more in the gym. there is no sense in injuring yourself further.


Hindsight is indeed 20/20. Unfortunately, your story is more common than people (especially the young or those new to training) want to believe. In fact, it almost reads like a text book example on how to injure the shoulders benching.

I agree with dels322. Get the area examined so you know exactly what's going on.

A full range of motion is NO guarantee that you are not injured. The fact that there is pain when you hold resistance is a loud and clear sign of possible pathology (in fact, many people have zero pain and still have issues with shoulders, spine, etc.).

The worst mistake people make is to train through the pain because it always feels better after a few warm up sets. This is a horrendous way to think - unless you're one those idiots who love to brag about his surgical history as if it's a badge of honor.


Seriously, you should get this issue checked out ASAP. I have torn my cuff and had 100% ROM. You have been going thru this too long and it obvious to me that you have a major injury there. If its torn off the bone, the longer u wait, the more challenging it is for the OS to repair it. Mine was fixed and am glad I had the procedure done. Get it checked out now before you make matters worse.


Me too. After passing the ortho diagnostics, I was initially sent on my way. After finally insisting on the MRI, it was found to be a full-thickness tear off the bone. No way to definitively know without that MRI.


any updates man