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Rotator Cuff Injury?

Recently I have been experiencing a popping/cracking in my right shoulder (sometimes in my left as well). I have been seriously training for about a year now. I responded by lowering my resistence and basically taking it easy in the gym. I was wondering if anyone here on this forum could help me better understand what’s taking place, it would very much appreciated!

My shoulder does ache some times and it makes a loud noise when it pops/cracks. Also I can hear what to me sounds like tissue almost tearing/streching if I squeeze my shoulders tight to me chest. I do take the Animal Pak Flex Pills for Joints (Includes Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Flaxseed Oil, Ginger Root among other things). I am 5’9, 210 pounds about 10-15% body fat, and sadly the most impressive figure in my gym. I press… Bench 265, Squat 485, and Hang Clean 285. I am usually a stickler for form but from time to time I let my pump get the best of me and get a little wild. I have not cycled through the Animal Pak Flex yet but have been taking Fish Oils for sometime before. I was a Varsity athelete all throughout High School in football, wrestling and baseball so I am familiar with most sports medicine.

My concern is I am only 21 and I don’t need to blow out my shoulders before I reach 25. Anyone have any ideas on what is taking place and what I can do to help? Thanks for your time.