Rotator Cuff Injured?

for over 2 weeks now my left shoulder is very sore if I raise it above my head. it is not a soreness that I have ever felt before. seems that my last shoulder workout prior to the soreness was about a week prior and I did above the head dumbell press’s as usual, but for the first time did the wrist rotation at the bottom of the descent. Could this have caused it, and if so, why did it take about a week to start hurting?

doesn’t hurt if I shrug my shoulders or lateral raises… but if I do front raises, I feel the soreness (pinching) when I get arm straight in front of me, just below head level…

is this a rotator cuff injury or what? Whats the best way to recover?

I’m not a doctor nor have I played one on TV. See a specialist and get an MRI. It could be a tear, full or partial, or impingement caused by bone spurs.