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Rotator Cuff Help


So I'm sorry if this comes up over and over, but i feel like my injury is slightly different and I have a doc appointment in 2 weeks(so i'm impatient and i really want to know whats wrong if possible).

Anyway, So i'm not entirely sure if its rotator cuff. I basically got the injury first time about a month and a half ago doing a wakeboard manuever that required me supporting a lot of load in my left arm(extended and suppinated). I just remember feeling a sharp pain and didn't hear much, but then again i can't hear anything with all the wind.

I thought everything was cool but i waited about 2 weeks and it felt like i wasn't so bad on it, and i again tried another similar manuever, however this time it was wierd.

I felt my arm like "pull away" kind of like a very small spring or stretch, in which i kind of lose control of my arm, and within 2 seconds or so i feel it fall back into place. usually prior to that It feels a little sore, but not much pain at all. For instance, after about 30 minutes its dulled to just being sore if i raise my arm high and stretch it backward or put a load on it.

I was told that if it was a true dislocation i would hear an audible pop and it would hurt a great deal?

So my question is: does anyone have any pseudo diagnosis? I've read and it really seems like i have symptoms of a rotator cuff injury, but it mostly feels like its sore in the anterior delt/ proximal bicep tendon area) I should mention i am 20 years old.

any help is greatly appreciated.

thank you


A dislocation is highly unlikely. It doesn't go unnoticed.

I mean, when you're on your back flipping like a fish out of the water, shreaking in agony, people tend to notice.


a disloction dosnt hurt that bad i mean u will deff feel it. but it happens in football from time to time and we just pop it back in and start playing again


what most likely happened was a subluxation, which is your shoulder paritally came out of the socket and came back in on it's own. Going to a doctor is a good idea. He'll probably just prescribe some rehab exercises to strengthen the ligaments and soft tissue.


Normally I'd let it slide , but this is just tough guy horse shit. Yah, there are documented cases where guys are prone to these and do just 'pop' them back in. Nonetheless, the pain is still there. You WOULD notice it. A LOT! Also you would NOT go back into a fottball game without a little 'something-something' from the sideline staff. The weakened are would be quite prone to reinjury and pain for some time.


This is not a dislocation. This is most likely a subluxation. Trust me, there is a very large difference. Some people are normally known to have varying degrees of systemic laxity, and this encourages chronic subluxations. This is not good as it can lead to a plethora of problematic pathology (like that alliteration?) like muscle and ligament tears, neurovascular compromise, and possibly bone deformities (Hill-Sachs lesion, etc.). Also, please use proper grammar when posting. It would be greatly appreciated, and keeps the feel of an intelligent forum.

As per the original post, I need much more information. The aforementioned systemic laxity component comes into play for this case as to determining a tear vs. a subluxation, as well as any swelling noted, ROM discrepancies bilaterally, strength deficiency, etc.

After you see the doctor, post his diagnosis. If it is a general practitioner, I would recommend a referral to an ortho or physical therapist. A word of caution, though. If you go to a surgeon for a problem, sometimes they preferentially prescribe surgery as the primary method of treatment. Other than that, best of luck.


Thank you all for your help with pre-diagnosing my injury.

After further researching about possible injury locations i believe that somehow the bicep tendon is also involved(overstretched? possibly). I come to this conclusion because I feel my proximal bicep portion is slightly sore. However, i am relatively sure it is not the bicep tendon alone.

I have trouble at the very limits of internal and external rotation, but most especially external(i.e. trying to put my hand as high as i can up on my back), i feel sore right near what i describe as the anterior deltoid. Looking at anatomy textbooks it looks like where the subscapularis attaches to the humerus.

There was never any swelling but if i tried to exert myself in any sort of external rotation(i.e. putting on the strap for a backpack) or wide grip curls, i would a slight pain in the short head of the bicep.

I plan on going to an orthoped, but unfortunately the appointment is set for 2 weeks from now. Until then i plan on resting the shoulder as much as possible.

thank you again.