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Rotator Cuff Disaster


Hi to all. I have been training for the past 3 years. I tend to powerlift and train martial arts. About a year ago I started having pain in my shoulder region when I bench pressed mostly and used karate blocks (mainly upward ones). I went to the physio and he checked for shoulder flexibility and mobility using this test.


I failed miserably in both sides. Literally I found it a problem to touch my traps with the arm that should descend behind my back. Anyway he gave me some Nsaids and warned me to start a stretching routine. But didnâ??t give me any stretches to address the issue.

Can anyone recommend good stretching and mobility drills to improve this issue. I would appreciate greatly. Lateley my bench doesnâ??t seem to improve and was wondering if this issue has anything to do with it. My current powerlifting totals are:

Bench Press 100kg
Squat 165kg
Deadlift 200kg

I weigh 72kg and have a height of 5foot 7.



If you failed miserably, maybe you need an MRI to assess the extent of the damage.

For shoulder mobility/rehab, try:


Eric Cressey and others on this site (look him up) have written extensively on the fact that rotator cuff issues are mostly shoulder mobility/mobilization issues. This I have found to be the case. ITY exercises, face pulls and others are damn boring but can fix you as they did me. Look them up.

-- jj