Rotator Cuff + Chest Imbalance

Hello, Ill explain my situation as briefly as I can and ask the question afterwards.
I am currently recovering from a car accident, I broke a part of my Sacrum(its a bone at the base of the spine, connected with the pelvis)
Anyways the Injury isn’t that serious but still need to rest a lot and to be really careful with not to put on too much stress on the body.

In my current state I am not going to the gym, but I started to do some home exercises instead, push ups, pull ups, dips, mainly the basic ones using the body weight.

Now to the part related to the question, I have noticed that for a long time I have major imbalances in my Chest muscles size, the left one is bigger than the right one.
And my left Triceps are stronger than my right ones and same situation with my shoulders.
I guess these imbalances grew with time due to neglection.

When I started with the Push ups I noticed that my Right Rotator Cuff is significantly weaker than my left one… NOW to the question:

Is it possible that the strength imbalances of the rotator cuff’s cause the imbalances of the chest muscles(size and strength)?

Look for an article by Alwyn Cosgrove regarding muscle imbalances, single limb training.

Thank you, but I cant seem to find it.
Could you please help me? Been looking it for like an hour and I tried many combination in the search tool…