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Rotator Cuff / Bench Press Problem

My left one bothers me most and my right one is weak. I think I have a tear in one or both. I am going for an MRI I don’t know when hopefully they can find what is wrong. Is it worth it to go through surgery?? Will I be like normal from then on meaning like do I still have potential to do heavy lifting.

My bench has suffered a lot and I think it’s from this or from always trying to max out. Will it be better to just do 70% of 1RM for 8 reps or 85% for 6 reps which is faliure? I think if I stay in the higher rep range maybe my bench will benefit. The highest my bench has ever been is 120 x 6. That is the most I can do right now and I think it could be from shoulders. I do 327 deadlift for 2RM. ATG Squat 190 x 5

rihgt now it be best yes to do light work but lay the hell off not failure do lots of rehab things that domnt hurt and things that make it feel better, external rotations shoulder horns but above all find out whats wrong and heal up.


Are you sure it is a tear? You know your body better than any of us but at a bench of 120 it seems very unlikely it was a tear. Possibly a strain/cramp/etc. If I was in this situation, I would work on shoulder flexibility for a few weeks and slowly ease into bench pressing.

I have the exact same problem. The rear portion of my left delt is often very sore and sometimes causes me to end a set because it tightens up too much.
There are several things you can take and several exercises you can perform to help this. First, you can begin taking a flax seed oil and fish body oil combination product, plus turmeric extract, plus boswelia extract. Taking at least 2 grams per day of vitamin C and 400i.u.of E is also a good idea.
In terms of rehabilitation, set a cable device(like the one used for cable crossovers) with a handle at about elbow-height, then stand so that the handle is to the right of you and about a foot away, then grab it with your left hand. With your forearm against your belly and your left elbow locked at your side, pull the handle to your left straight across your belly. Use the lightest weight possible.
Also, when you bench from now on try to pull your shoulder blades together, and use a wider grip. these techniques have helped me continue training chest without so many rotator cuff issues.

Thanks guys, I am almost sure there is something wrong with my rotator cuff I remember once not being able to lift it above my head my left arm. When I was around 12-13 I could dislocate my shoulders, doctor just said I was double jointed and it was fine, now here I am and I think thats the problem