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Rotational Exercise w/ Heavy Weight?


e.g. a standing full contact twist using a barbell loaded at one end only.

I ask because its very easy to find plyometric exercises that are rotational which I use but because its rotational its very difficult to use a heavy load!

Any ideas or am I better off with heavy squats and cleans and only rotational plyometrics?


what's a full contact twist? Like you get tackled at the end of it?


not sure about it.I only use power cross punching on the bag and med ball toss from the hip with rotation.Kicking the bag also works those rotational patterns.

For barbell twists check out hammer throwers materials online.


Full Contact Twists at 1:10 in the video.

My experience is that they are a good/great exercise, but I do not know if they outshine other good/great exercises. Of course the disclosure here is that it has been a while since I did them and I never worked up to any really impressive poundages so it could be that the magic happens at a level I never reached.

If you were going to do them I would get Pavel's material on them and pay attention to form. If you cheat the movement it loses its value and becomes an injury factory. The perceived value is that it is "anti-rotational training" so the pivot on the feet move the trunk as one piece through the ROM. This kind of "body is one piece" training (rights reserved for Dan John) is great.

They are worth trying as long as you go form first and you are already fairly capable of other static "core" exercises. If you cant do front planks, side planks, and hold the top of a 45 degree hyperextension with good form for 60 sec. I would work on those first before you get fancy.


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cheers guys!