If I am injecting everyday, how often do sites need to be rotated? Do you need to rotate sites if only injecting twice a week?

The compounds being injected twice a week test cyp, and EQ. The ones being injected everyday test prop and winny.

the longer you stay away from a site, the better. it gives the area more time to heal, and less scar tissue will build up.

I try to hit each shoulder no more than once a week. from there I just use different areas of my quads.

If you use your glutes, then you have even more time to let other areas heal.

It depends on how large the body part is: for example, I only hit my delts once a week, but I hit my quads twice per week because they have a large enough area that I don’t have to shoot in the same spot. A general rule would be hit smaller muscles such as delts, biceps, tricepts, ventrogluteal, dorsalgluteal, once per week. quads you can hit twice per week. Also you can put higher volumes in the ventrogluteal, and dorsal gluteal areas, the rest of the muscle groups I would keep to 1cc injections, including quads, as you don’t want to interfere with your leg workouts.