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Rotation Suks (DL: Mixed grip, Sh*t Pain)


When I (tried to) DL with a mixed grip, my back hurt bad.
When I did some light SLDLs (to below the knee), and turned my head to look at what angle my spine was, I got the same type of pain. (despite the fact that my back was in the same position, i.e. not rotated)

I do rounded back work (45 degree hyper, up to 35 kg/80 lbs x 18), and it feels great. I had some pain when going to flexion before starting this, now I can go into flexion painlessly... (I DL with straight stiff back though)

So, at least for me, it seems any kind of spinal rotation under load (or rotation + flexion even w/o load) leads to incredible pain. Flexion doesn't. Ever.
Is anyone else like this?



I don't know how you turned your head without rotating your spine.

But really you saying what you think your back looks like while you do a lift doesn't mean much. you need to post a video if you want people to know you back position.


OK, I might've slightly rotated it, but the point was that it's amazing how even slight rotation (under load) can cause such pain (at least for me), while flexion with 90 lbs is perfectly fine (my back actually feels better than before beginning weighted flexion-extension work).

Awaiting input from people with similar conditions.


You don't ever turn your head to look at things while lifting a weight. I always look straight ahead.


Everyone who lifts weights should notice this...it's not exactly splitting the atom. Combining compression forces with anything else, particularly rotation, is a very bad thing. Unless you're set on herniating a disc, why would you ever want to do that?


Umm...that's what I was saying? That rotation is bad.

No, I never turn my head on DLs, but I was doing SLDLs for assistance @ 60%, and I wanted to know at what angle my torso makes with the ground, AND I was pretty sure I can control my movement, as in not rotate.


I'm no rocket surgeon, but it sounds like your experience is evidence to the contrary.

Turning to look in the mirror is how people get hurt - especially with light weight, because you're more likely to not be completely paying attention... I remember CT lecturing one of the physique clinic dudes about that.


Don't do that. It doesn't matter if the weight is light. The loading combined with slight rotation is a good way to screw yourself up.