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Rotation of max efort exercises

Should you change your max effort exercise in the second week (after the second time you perform the lift) of a cycle if you don’t make progress from the week befor?

I would think so. I have been wondering about this to though as I have just started westside…right now I am using a 3-week rotation but I am wondering if it would not be better to just start with a 1 week since this is where I will eventually end up…but the minute you cant hit a new pr I would definitely switch.

in my opinion even beginers should really change them every week…bm

Yes. Unless there was a reason you did not have a good day. Sick, hungover, etc.

I have found that I can go three weeks with the same ME squat movement and increase each time. But for ME bench I need to change every week or everyother week. It comes down to experimenting with every way and finding the one that works for you.