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Rotation of Block/Deficit/Floor Pull?

This last month I’ve been messing around with doing a PL meet with a family friend’s son. He’s 17 and loves it. I’ve been on the platform 3 times many moons ago so I told him I’d do one with him.

A simple rotation I’ve been doing is pulling once a week:

W1) 335x8 1 inch deficit pull
W2) 355x6 off the floor
W3) 375x4 off 1.5 inch blocks (well those 25lb crossfit bumper plates)

Then go back to top and add 5-10 lbs for weeks 4/5/6

I’m long torso so I’m much stronger sumo but my hips have no desire to do that shit again lol.

Usually one work set, and sometimes a back off set if I’m feeling good.

Goals: to just pull 500 in March and not get hurt lol. Is this a decent plan?

Maybe it would be better to pull from the floor every week and if you are going to do other variations you can do them afterwards. The more you practice the same lift the better you will get at it, and if you only do it one week out of 3 then you aren’t getting a lot of practice.


You make a very good point there

Are you planning on doing deadlift only? Your post makes it seem that way. How old are you? How far out is the meet?

Not maybe. :smiley:

Having said that I dont hate the program I just think it would be much better if you were comp deadlifting at least once a week. With knowing nothing about the rest of your program I will just say there are a ton of ways to add in variations on top of that.

One other problem with your plan is that the heaviest weight you will touch by march is 415 from blocks.


HOWEVER, if you were to comp deadlift once per week and add 10lbs each week by march you are pushing 500 by march.

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How about focussing your individual weaknesses? Like technique or missing at the floor or something else? Like if technique is an issue then more comp work is useful and so on. Are each of these movements in the program for a reason?

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Definitely weakest point is breaking from the floor. If i get the plates off the ground, its coming up.

That table is great sir, yea i need to pull some heavier weight. I just added the block pulls because i was worried about all the west side things ive been reading about pulling from the floor weekly is too much.

Maybe like pull for doubles and triples, then do 1-2 sets of deficits in 6-8 range?


im a much stronger pusher. when i competed in 221s my numbers were 575/425/545 s/b/d…now this was many moons ago, a 575 squat and 425 bench would crush me now lol

shooting for 360/500. Push/pull and not hurt myself. Doing a simple Upper/lower

Bench heavy
vertical pulling

front squats
ham accessories

bench close grip
horizontal rows

leg accessories

Yea, dont. If you are Raw then (almost) nothing they say is relevant.

Yea this is a great plan. As you are weakest off the floor I like the Deficit choice.

You could also divide it up and put your deficits after Front Squats, or before if you find that all that deadlifting on the same day is too much.

I do really like the idea of adding 10lbs each week for a top set AMRAP probably more than going the RPE path (doubles triples). Dead stop, no straps AMRAPs. I think that is what you were doing with your top sets before?

If weakness is off the floor you might have success with pauses at the floor also. They are a self limiting variations like they limit how heavy weight you can use so are good for light days/better recovery. Lot of lifters pull from the floor multiple times per week between comp and this variation.

But if you know these variations to work well for you from past experience have at it. My understanding of block pulls is they let you keep lifting and doing work but the reduced ROM decreases their recovery cost. Different purpose to pauses I guess: pauses are about perfecting technique and positioning off the floor and block pulls are about work. Depends what you need.

Deficits are like opposite because they make things harder and more taxing. Be easier to overdo it on these.